Best German Athletes Nude

The best German athletes in the nude are Bavarian women and girls who will make you think about the words "German" and "nude" in a whole, new light. While these German nude athletes have reached the heights of their respective sports, they now want to rock your world by posing nude in girlie magazines. Though that objectification will set back the credibility they sought to build for themselves in a career of hard work, your pecker sure ain't complaining.

  1. Katarina Witt. Selecting Witt as the best German nude athlete is a no-brainer. First, she's probably the most famous athlete in Germany, and she can back up her legitimacy with her victories and medals in the sport of figure skating. However, this German nude athlete also posed nude in the December 1998 edition of Playboy, which, surprisingly, didn't hurt her career, but merely elevated it to new, pop culture references. Also, teen boys across the world were able to gratify themselves again.
  2. Katharina Scholz. Katharina Scholz is a member of Germany's field hockey team, and this nude athlete is infamous for having posed in Playboy's German edition back in 2008. While other athletes from other countries were preparing to compete in their respective sports at the Beijing Olympics, this German nude athlete was instead busy contemplating what nude pose to strike, by which to arouse men's (and, most likely, lots of pubescent teen boys) desires. She has said that she does not plan on a career in future modelling. Aw, that's too bad.
  3. Petra Niemann. This German nude athlete was in the same Playboy Germany edition that saw the above Katharina Scholz undress her objectified body for the hedonistic pleasure of the male sex drive. Niemann is a German sailor, and she, too, is an accomplished Olympic athlete, having appeared in three Olympic games in all. Bet you said to yourself, "Ach, du lieber!" after laying your eyes on her wonderfully sculpted body, a body that enjoyed the benefits of years of toning from all that sailing work she's put into it.
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