Best Goth Cycling Jerseys

Here is a list of the best goth cycling jerseys. Cycling is a competitive and fun sport and sometimes you just want to show your goth style while riding.  Check out this selection of the best goth cycling jerseys, and get outfitted right for your next ride:

  1. Primal Wear X-Ray.  Featuring a black background with a skeleton overlay done in shades of white, gray, silver and blue, the X-Ray jersey from Primal Wear is sure to satisfy your goth tendencies.  Crafted from Primal Wear's wicking fabric, ProSensor, with three back pockets and a 20-inch hidden zipper, the X-Ray jersey is one of the best goth cycling jerseys, scoring high in both comfort and style.
  2. Primal Wear Jolly Roger.   Superimposed over a black background, the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones symbol is highlighted by acid green flames on the bottom and sleeves of the Jolly Roger cycling jersey made by Primal Wear.  Made from the same ProSensor fabric as the X-Ray, with the same 20-inch hidden zipper and three back pockets, the Jolly Roger cycling jersey is a great all around goth cycling jersey.
  3. Primal Wear El Dia.   The El Dia cycling jersey by Primal Wear features an awesomely rendered skull design on a black background, with white, gray and red accents on the collar, sleeves and sides of the jersey.   Another of Primal Wear's comfortable jerseys, crafted from ProSensor wicking fabric with the standard Primal Wear 20-inch hidden zipper and three back pockets, the El Dia cycling jersey from Primal Wear pays tribute to the Day of the Dead with goth style.



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