Best Greco Roman Wrestling Shoes For Men

Greco-Roman wrestlers have a wealth of footwear to choose from, but if you really want to stand out on the mat, you have to pick only the best Greco-Roman wrestling shoes for men. Some of them may cost a pretty penny, but let's face it, it's worth it. Who wants to slip and fall during that really important wrestling match, in front of all those talent scouts? Not you, right? Here are some of the best wrestling shoes that will really give you that feeling of superior strength:

  1. Nike Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes: These shoes give you a lot of great traction on the mat and keep your dainty little wrestler's feet nice and cool at the same time. The die-cut EVA sockliner in its middle sole provides superior cushioning and comfort, and the breathable mesh and suede keeps you nice and ventilated. Not only does it have a really cool name, it looks cool too! This is the best pair of Greco-Roman wrestling shoes for men out on the market.
  2. Adidas A'ttaak II: This style is made of mesh material, which makes it highly breathable. The TPC enhanced heel counter makes for great ankle stability and the elasticized lace cover system makes sure that you won't trip on your laces and make a pancake out of that pretty mug of yours. It fits really well, too. You'll be able to move as much as you want, however you want, without worrying about your shoe coming off and hitting your opponent in the face. Or worse, the referee.
  3. ASICS Men's Cael V4.0: This shoe is great for beginners as well as more experienced wrestlers. This design features an open mesh forefoot and tongue for great ventilation and minimizes the amount of heat and moisture during the match. If you have that really manly foot smell, the Shine Up lining material on the sockliner releases odor when exposed to sunlight. That feature alone should be enough to make this one of the best Greco-Wrestling shoes for men.
  4. Matman G6 Revenge Wrestling Shoes: This pair of men's Greco-wrestling shoes is particularly long-lasting. It is made from breathable fabric and leather, and it features ankle support that helps prevent injuries. The ankle band cover gives additional protection and ankle support, and the sole is specifically designed to be highly flexible.
  5. Adidas Tyrnit IV: Another really great-looking pair of shoes sure to intimidate your opponent. It was built low to the ground to assure speed and stability, and strong enough to withstand any amount of punishment.
  6. Adidas Vaporspeed RedWrestling Shoes: Don't be fooled. The stripes on this shoe aren't there to look pretty. They're TPU welded on to the shoe for midsole and foot support. This means that you get a better fit and better performance from these Greco-Roman wrestling shoes.
  7. ASICS Split Second 8: With this shoe's “Anatomical Asymmetrical Lacing Design”, you reduce the risk of potential irritation while your feet are nice and comfortable for that match. Like all the best Greco-Roman wrestling shoes for men, this pair offers great ventilation, and is form fitting and durable.
  8. Adidas Men's Mat Wizard III John Smith Signature Wrestling Shoe: This shoe was designed and named after the Olympic medalist. It has a TPU stability system that gives you superior ankle support. The “InsideOut” heel liner takes some pressure away from the Achilles tendon area, making this perhaps one of the most comfortable shoes for men into Greco-Roman wrestling.
  9. Dan Gable Ultimate 2: This shoe is lightweight and provides a lot of lightweight, structural support for your feet. They're still pretty soft and comfortable, and complies with the rules regarding laces in Greco-Roman wrestling. Like the Cael, this shoe has a lining material which releases odor when exposed to sunlight.
  10. ASICS Ultratek Wrestling Shoes: This shoe claims to be one of the “most technically advanced wrestling shoes anywhere in the world.” It has a grooved toe for flexibility and a special heel design that helps you to turn easily. The medial grip enhances midfoot traction, so you can really dig your heels into the mat. This shoe also comes with specialized technology for optimal fit and feel.
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