Best Guitar Cases

You've got the best guitar, and now all you need is one of the best guitar cases to go with it. There are guitar cases for acoustic or electric guitars, hard or soft cases and even cases made for safe storage or for travelling to gigs. Whichever guitar case suits your needs, you need to make sure that it is made with quality materials and can handle the abuse of the musician's lifestyle.

  1. SKB Universal Jumbo Acoustic Deluxe Guitar Case. Big musicians have big guitars, and the best guitar case for those is the Universal Jumbo Acoustic Deluxe from SKB. The case is equipped with a sturdy interior foam to absorb shock and full-length neck support. The latching system is designed to get you through airport security without any hassles.
  2. Martin 640 Guitar Case. The best hardshell guitar case is the Martin 640. It's designed specifically for dreadnought guitars and the molded plastic shell is tough and durable. The case also features the Martin logo.
  3. Epiphone Deluxe V Style Electric Guitar Case. The best guitar case for rock musicians is the Deluxe V Style from Epiphone. The case is made to fit Epiphone guitars, and the brand is associated with reliability. Besides being strong and long-lasting, this electric guitar case from Epiphone also swings up and out, putting you on the cutting edge of rocker style.
  4. Gibson J-200 Guitar Case. The best guitars are by Gibson, and the best guitar cases are made by them also. The J-200 guitar case fits acoustic guitars perfectly, and the hardshell is made from high quality materials.
  5. Fender Toronado Electric Guitar Case. This great guitar case is made by Fender. The Toronado is a standard black guitar case and is only made with the best materials and highest craftsmanship Fender is known for.
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