Best Guitar Luthier Supplies

The best guitar luthier supplies come from companies with vary degrees of inventory, woods and style. Some stores are large, some small and items may cost and arm or a leg or maybe just a leg. They may sell electric or acoustic supplies or both. The one thing they have in common is extensive knowledge and a love for the instrument.

  1. Stewart MacDonald.  Being in business since 1968 allows this particular company to have the best guitar luthier supplies. The company was founded by C.E. Stewart and Bill MacDonald in Athens, Ohio. They offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and makes sure visitors leave with explicitly detailed instructions for projects. They offer all that is needed from start to finish, not to mention orders placed before 4:00 p.m. eastern shipment same day.
  2. Guitar Parts Depot. You don't go here for exotic woods. You go here for kick ass prices and thousands of guitar accessories, including those for Gibson guitars. In business since 2002, this family-run company has only grown with the help of the internet.
  3. Exotic Woods Company, Inc. This luthier supply company has two locations in New Jersey. The founder is an instrument lover from India. They have great prices on overstock and kiln dried ebony. While looking for guitar parts, check out the bits and pieces for violins and cellos. They may not have the short ship time of other supply companies, but many will wait.
  4. Allied Lutherie. Allied Lutherie was founded by the former president of The Luthiers Mercantile which is now Luthiers Mercantile, Inc. and is another great supplier. Allied is run by Todd Taggart who has over 30 years experience. Due to its small size and limited staff they recommend calling before dropping by. That is just how it is for the tiny shop that could in Healdsburg, California.
  5. Luthiers Mercantile International. Known by luthiers as LMI, they offer up the wood, the tools and the finishing products for guitar makers worldwide. Spend over $400 domestically and shipping is free. Not only do they carry some of the best guitar luthier supplies, their head luthier is Frank Ford who has been making instruments for over 40 years. They offer loads of online specials and online instructional videos. Visit them in Windsor, California.
  6. Colonial Tonewoods. This company is one the more passionate of the luthier material suppliers. Founded in Barhamsville, Virginia, they are so confident their customers will be satisfied, they have a no-questions-asked return policy within fourteen business days. Browse through their Brazilian rosewood and rarer first rate quality woods. Anyone that calls gets the owner by phone. They handle special requests, as well.
  7. RC Tonewoods & Sons. Yes, there is an RC or Robert Cefalu as he is known by the taxman and yes, there are also sons. Working together they have built a business dealing in exotic woods where inventory changes quickly. The guitar luthier supplies on hand consist of African Satinwood or the beautiful Purpleheart wood of South America. Dream of the kind of instrument it will create. Their wood supply is constantly updated, so any serious luthier will want to check often.
  8. Allen Guitars and Luthier Supplies. The wood is offered in varying grades, their prices are super low and fingerboard slotting service is offered. Check out their deal of the day and enjoy the expansive inventory.
  9. Waldron Instruments, Inc. Starting off as furniture makes in the 1970s, this Bell Buckle, Tennessee company still deals in wood for furniture and has expanded to include guitar making tools and woods. Custom templates can also be purchased. Look for the basics with spruce, cedar and redwood.
  10. Timeless Instruments. Not only can you find the best luthier supplies at this Saskatchewan, Canada location, if you have the time, you can participate in luthier classes. There are five-day instrument tryouts. The owner, David Freeman, started off making custom instruments and moved on to teaching and supplies. He really took loving what you do to a new level.

For beginners and experts alike, the best guitar luthier supplies come from companies that want to spread the joy of guitar making.

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