Best Guitar Stands

The best guitar stands in the music industry do not have to cost a fortune for users to gain lifetime use. Many musicians turn to popular brands for the best in guitar stands. Whether you need an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar stand, you can find what you need in the many functional stands available.

  1.  Tour Grade Flip Top Economy. The Tour Grade brand provides an economy guitar stand for a low cost with its black anodized structure. The contact points provide foam rubber for contact with the guitar that simultaneously provides extra support while keeping the guitar in place. Users find the height adjustment feature helpful and the flip top accommodation comes in handy for easy transport.
  2.  Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand. With the different guitar stands available on the market, Musician’s Gear still provides a unique stand that adds to the protection for your guitar. The neoprene rubber tubing provides the protection needed and folds for transporting easily. The guitar stand provides security for standing guitars but not intended for those with a nitrocellulose lacquer. Consumers looking for a sturdy guitar stand find the Musician’s Gear an economical decision that lasts for a long time.
  3.  World Tour XCG4 Folding Tripod. The World Tour guitar stand offers flexibility in the types of guitars it holds. Whether you have an acoustic, bass, or electric, this handy guitar stand can accommodate any of them. The metal stand offers velveteen rubber padding for keeping the guitar secure while housed on the stand. A security strap provides added protection from tip-over.
  4.  On Stage GS7462DB Double. Providing a double stand for any two guitars, the double electric and acoustic guitar stand offers a great sturdy stand. The A-frame style of the On-Stage brand provides a rugged support system for the musician who owns more than one guitar. Using the velveteen rubber, the stand provides protection against equipment damage.
  5.  Hercules Stands GS601B. This acoustic guitar stand offers a compact guitar stand for taking on the road. Fitting into most gig bags, the construction provides stability with its innovative design. The durability of the Hercules stand lives up to its name with the metal core and injection-molded construction guaranteed to last.
  6.  Double Dual Guitar Stand. The Double Dual guitar stand, offered by Davison Guitars, provides a double feature for holding acoustic, bass, or electric guitars. The double stand features foam padding and strap locks for extra support of the guitars. Among the top sellers in guitar stands, the double dual offers customers a new favorite for guitar support.
  7.  Hercules GS414B. The Hercules auto grip system makes up one of the best guitar stands because of its superb construction. If you need an improved guitar stand over the lower priced models, the Hercules brand comes through for musicians needing dependability and long-lasting guitar stands. The stand allows for acoustic and electric guitars with an adjustment to the neck.
  8.  Ultimate GS100 Support Genesis 100. Along with its long name, the Genesis 100 supports musicians with a long-lasting durable guitar stand. The portable stand provides the ultimate protection with locking legs and velvet pads. The stand also provides a limited lifetime warranty for guaranteed use of the Genesis 100 guitar stand.
  9.  Stagg SG-A108BK. This sturdy a-frame guitar stand provides acoustic and electric guitar musicians a long-lasting stand. The functional stand allows for a low profile stand at an affordable price.
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