Best Guitar Straps For Acoustic Guitars

Every guitar playing hero has found that the strap can make or brake the playing, so finding the best guitar straps for acoustic guitars is information any hero would be interested in. There is always a best in anything, but it usually is defined by a persons own opinion so understand that when looking for the best strap. There are a lot of different options when shopping for a strap, so understanding the differences and the reasons for why each type of strap may work best allows a guitar playing hero to find the one that fits not only their personality, but their style. This list will help decipher which strap your acoustic guitar is missing.

  1. Comfort can go a long way in being the deciding factor in the perfect strap. There are so many materials and styles, that the first and foremost thing someone should check when deciding on their strap. It should be comfortable on the shoulder, and the length should be comfortable for the guitar playing hero when standing and sitting with their acoustic guitar. Most widths are between 2 1/2" to 4" in order to provide the choice for the most comfortable width depending on the hero's body type, and the length are between 37" and 57", again to give the hero the chance to find the length that has the comfort level for them to be able to play comfortably. A great choice is the Planet Waves Jacquard Woven Black Nylon Acoustic Guitar Strap for around $35.00. Its width, material, and length makes this a great choice for any guitar.
  2. Style and design is what every guitar playing hero wants in their strap. The style is what allows the hero to let their personality, and their music to show. This can be as simple as color and material, but it can also be decked out with anything as wild as diamonds and studs. You can have a name, or any words of importance stitched into the strap, or even branded into leather. The best style and design is different for each hero, as it needs to speak about who you are and what you want your music to be. One to look into would be the Joe Satriani Signature Series Guitar Straps for around $20.00. They have a plethera of styles and colors to fit any players styles.
  3. Material can be another deciding factor in which is the best strap for you. Acoustic guitar straps can be found in a number of materials these days, so the possibilities are endless. There are the traditional nylon and leather, but you can also find others in suede, poly webbing, shag fur, tweed, cotton or even cow hide. The best one is of course, the one that feels the best to you when being worn, and has the look your going for. With such a wide range of choices, you can really explore the look the strap can go from simplistic to exotic. The Levy's 2.5' snakeskin padded leather guitar strap for $85.00 showcases style with a unique material any guitar hero can love.
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