Best Guitar Straps

The best guitar straps are the ones that are made from reputable manufacturers and that construct the straps with quality material. Some musicians get sidetracked by glitzy designs and fancy artwork and although these look nice, guitarists need to make sure the strap is durable.

  1. Strapking USA Flag Guitar Strap. The absolute winner among the best guitar straps is the USA flag strap from Strapking. Bold, hand airbrushed and constructed with 100% leather, this strap will last any guitarist a long time. The strap is 2.5 inches wide and can be adjusted to 52 inches long.
  2. Fender Soft Tweed Guitar Strap. Fender makes some of the best guitar straps and the soft tweed strap is no exception. Measuring two inches wide and adjustable, this guitar strap even has the Fender logo, so others know you only buy the best.
  3. Taylor Suede Guitar Strap. The best guitar straps are made with quality materials such as suede. Taylor makes the suede guitar strap with a nicely worn feeling, and it looks good on any guitarist with the chocolate brown coloring. The Taylor logo is embroidered on the strap.
  4. Moody White Star Guitar Strap. Moody Leather was the first manufacturer of luxury guitar straps and the White Star guitar strap does not disappoint. Black leather with a white embroidered star shows that you have energy and spunk as well as talent. This is the best guitar strap from Moody and is 2.5 inches wide.
  5. Moody Black Leather Backed Guitar Strap. Another one of the best guitar straps from Moody is the black leather backed strap. Measuring four inches wide, this guitar strap looks simple with its lack of design but has supreme durability that will last you for years.



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