Best Hair Gel for Thick Hair

Curious about the best hair gel for thick hair? Does your thick hair give you have a six-foot wingspan on both sides of your face and provide shade for those around you? Welcome to the club. As much as you feel like you were cursed with this thick, unruly hair, keep in mind that most people wish they had hair like that. Little do they know, thick hair is very time consuming and requires a lot of attention, especially thick wavy or frizzy hair types. As one who is in this exclusive club of shade providers, you probably have a list of hair gel products that you have used, tried, hated and then thrown away. This list, however, includes some of the best hair gel for thick hair types.

  1. The very best choice, hands down, goes to L.A. Looks. You have to be careful though with L.A. Looks, as they have so many different hair gels available to purchase, but if you have thick, massive locks, you want to make sure you buy the gel with the very best hold. Their Sport Hair Gel is the absolute best in the collection. It will keep your style in place all day long and will not flake up on you. Their lower powered gels do not work as well. You want to get a number nine hair gel, or the sport variety, which is a ten-plus hold.
  2. The next top pick goes to Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel by Ouidad. This is perfect for thick hair, because this gel will not only hold your style, but it is designed to fight frizz that is caused by heat and humidity. If you have thick hair, and you are looking to just tame the frizz, this would be your first choice.
  3. Up next you have Control Freak by Bed Head. This one is a favorite amongst many because it has a nice scent, it leaves hair frizz-less, and it will add shine to your hair.
  4. Next is V05 Straight Hair Straightening and Smoothing Gel. If you are looking to get your thick hair to tone down a bit, yet you do not have an hour to dedicate to straightening your hair with an iron, you can use this product. This will not transform your thick hair into perfect, pin-straight hair, but it will tone it down a bit and add weight to your hair, which will tame the body a bit. I know most people look for body for their hair, but those with thick hair could do without it.
  5. Lastly, if you have thick hair and you want to add curls to it, add a bunch of L.A. Looks Sport. First, take a shower, towel dry your hair and then add the gel. Once your hair is saturated in gel, simply scrunch it. As the hair dries, you will have a full head of beautiful curls.
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