Best Half Life 2 Mods

The best "Half-Life 2" mods make one of the most acclaimed PC games even better as gamers once again grab the reigns as Gordon Freeman. The futuristic combat and gameplay for "Half-Life 2" features the best game engine around created by Source and Steam through the Valve Corporation. Mods for "Half-Life 2" make the fight for Earth's freedom much more dramatic and fun as the gameplay and look become enhanced for added replay value. "Half-Life 2" alone gives gamers everything they could ask for in intelligent enemies and awesome gameplay, but the mods take the phenomenal game and adds more to its core. Gamers cannot be disappointed to have a few mods to download for one of the greats which is "Half-Life 2."

  1. Black Mesa. The mods takes the "Half-Life" source engine from Steam and gives it a total make over with all new maps, models and textures. Gamers will face more ferocious enemies and a newer storyline to uncover.
  2. Riot Act. A newer mod places the gamer in Jamie Lee's shoes who is a resistance member that has been captured by the Nova Prospekt. The single-player campaign is all about the jail break from the combine in order to escape their evil clutches.
  3. Zombie Panic: Source. This little twist on a zombie apocalypse pits one gamer as the "seed zombie" who goes about infecting others in the area. The winner is the single survivor wins out against the horde.
  4. Minerva. Another fabulous mod creates a whole new campaign for gamers to get involved in instead of typical rooms and hallways fare. The gamers will get a whole new playground of intrigue and destruction to play with in this highly rated mod for "Half-Life 2."
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