Best Hand Wound Guitar Pickups

The best hand wound guitar pickups are all about customization and attention to your wants and needs as a guitar player. Hand wound basically means that these companies will go to great lengths to please your specifics, as all you do is order and then sit back and wait for them to get done!

  1. Smit's Bucker Lite Hand Wound Guitar Pickup. Smit's is a company that is proud to make its products in the good, old US of A! Delivering a juicy, rich sound that's somewhere between a single coil and a humbucker, Smit's Bucker Lite hand wound guitar pickup is excellent at lessening the booming sound that you hear in mahogany, guitar bodies such as those of Les Paul.
  2. Sheptone Stratocaster Good Enough For Leo Hand Wound Guitar Pickup. This hand wound guitar pickup from Sheptone features a vintage construction along with beveled poles and hand winding to average, vintage resistance by way of Alnico 5 magnets. This type of pickup is also potted to lower feedback, and its middle pickup is further built to reduce noise.
  3. Manlius Goat Master Hand Wound Guitar Pickup. The Manlius Goat Master is a hand wound pickup which comes in a Jazzmaster style in order to fit inside the casing of a P90 pickup. This type of hand wound guitar pickup is solid for players who desire to feel a more centered, magnetic pull and clarity than what mere, traditional Jazzmasters offer. This baby is also ideal for the imported guitars that feature P90 pickups in place of Jazzmaster pickups
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