Best Hang Gliders In America

Today is all about the best hang gliders in America. This is one of the most popular, risky and exciting extreme sport. Practicing hang gliding is literally being able to fly! It’s anything but easy, though. Each hang glider puts his life on the edge in every flight. Nothing can go wrong, since once in the air, the only protection is your glider. They say you have to be crazy to be a hang glider. In this article you’ll find the five craziest ones, the best hang gliders of America.

  1. Neal Goss. Neal Goss is a living legend of hang gliding. He is 90 years old and he continues flying with his hang glider for especial events and demonstrations. He has been certified by the Guinness World Book of Records as the oldest active hang glider. He’s been an inspiration for various generations of young men that approach this extreme sport. [Update: Goss sadly passed away on March 21st, 2104.]
  2. Jeff O’ Brien. Jeff O’Brien is not only famous because of his flights around the whole world (he had flown over more than twenty countries in five continents), but also because of its photos. When he discovered hang gliding, he dropped out of its usual activities and decided to move to Utah. It’s been ten years since then, and he continues flying high, competing in different tournaments and providing great photos for specialized magazines.
  3. Dustin Martin. Dustin Martin is another Guinness World Book of Records title holder. He made the  longest flight ever done with a hang glider, 456.6 miles in July of 2012. He goes to Brazil and Ecuador at least once a year, since those places have the best conditions for hang gliding.
  4. Jeff Shapiro. Jeff Shapiro has been into hang gliding since he was seventeen years old. Now he doubles that age and continues as edgy and decided as his first days on the air. He’s known for flying over big snow mountains in Montana and Alaska. He’s part of the Wills Wing Team Pilots, one of the best teams in America.
  5. Jon Durand. Jon Durand is the most famous Red Bull sponsored pilot. He has made exhibition flights all over the world with this sponsorship and has won several championships throughout his hang gliding career. Also, in 2006, he achieved first place in the hang gliders rank. Since then, he’s always been counted in the top five.
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