Best Headphones To Use While Weightlifting

No insane workout is complete without the best headphones to use while weightlifting to pump out your personal soundtrack. The last thing you want is for your headphones to fall off while you have 315 pounds hovering over your face. This minor distraction can seriously irritate your mood and interrupt an intense set of pumps. Our list of the best headphones for weightlifting is the right solution to your flimsy ear pieces that always drop into your shorts.

  1. Sennheiser OMX 80 If you train full throttle, then Sennheiser OMX 80 are the best headphones to sustain even the toughest sports. Equipped with flexible clip-on earpieces, OMX80s are comfortable, easy-to-use and sweat and water-resistant. Built to last, these headphones will survive your most brutal workouts, remaining in position and providing you with excellent sound quality for the duration of your workout.
  2. Sennheiser/Adidas PMX 680 If you are looking to splurge a little on a solid set of headphones, look no further than PMX680. Built to last with a unique neckband, the comfort and durability of these headphones are like no other product on the market. Sennheiser teamed up with Adidas to create these sleek and stylish headphones with superb sound quality.
  3. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds This Park City, Utah-based company understands that the world of music isn’t so black and white. With an array of color options, you can personalize your Smokin’ Buds to suit your personality. Not only are they colorful, but they also pack a heavy punch when it comes to bass and sound quality. Priced at under $30, you definitely get your money’s worth with these workout headphones.
  4. Koss KSC75 You can’t lose with Koss KCS75 clip-on style headphones. Nothing gives you more value for your money with Koss’ superb sound quality, excellent bass control and affordability. Priced at under twenty dollars, you definitely get a product that is built to last without breaking your wallet. The only downside to KSC75 headphones is they look a little dated.   
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