Best Helium Skateboarding Decks

Before you buy a skateboarding deck, learn about the best helium skateboarding decks. When buying a skateboard, you want to consider the type of skateboarding your will be doing. Shorter, stiffer decks are made to do tricks and skate at parks. Longer, more flexible decks are made for casual street skating. Element developed the Helium construction for skateboarding decks, making them more lightweight. Check out some of the best helium skateboarding decks below. Note: These are just the decks, not the compete skateboard.

  1. Element Winged Helium Skateboard Deck. This Helium skateboarding deck has a wood core and is designed to be stiff so that you can get a lot of "pop." The Helium board has five air frame chambers, which makes it extremely lightweight. It is 8.125 inches wide and 31.875 inches long. The Element Winged Helium is skater Bucky Lasek's custom deck.
  2. Element Barn Margera Helium Skateboard Deck. This Helium deck is the lightest skateboarding deck made by Element. This Skateboarding deck eliminates unnecessary bulk by letting air flow through the core. The Margera deck is responsive and ideal for skate parks. The graphics are different dark shades of purple with bats and the Element logo. This board measures 8 x 31.75 inches.
  3. Element Brent Voyager Skateboard Deck. This skateboarding deck uses Helium technology and is ideal for doing tricks and skating at the park. This skateboarding deck features cool graphics with the Element logo in green and yellow. This skateboarding deck measures 8 x 31.6 inches. 
  4. Element Muska Savage Helium Skateboarding Deck. This Helium constructed deck is the best deck for you if you want to make your parents angry. The graphics feature a devil-like creature with blood dripping from its mouth. This board, like all Helium constructed boards is feather-light and offers the best construction for doing tricks. This skateboarding deck measures 8.125 x 31.875 inches. 



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