Best Hidden Permanent Boat Mooring

The best hidden permanent boat mooring is comprised of any way to fasten a boat to a fixed object such as a quay, pier, dock or anchor buoy. Some benefits that proper boat mooring provide are the safety of both the dock and your boat, the potential to lower your need for insurance rates and the elimination of things like snubbers.

  1. The Dock Shock. Eliminating the pesky need once and for all for those things called boat mooring whips as well as dock bumpers is this permanent boat mooring device that uses a spring-loaded shock absorber. The Dock Shock lets you moor your boat with the least amount of tending of any product out there. It is perfect for lakes, high traffic scenarios and tidal situations.
  2. Mushroom Anchors. Mushroom anchors have been around for at least 150 years, providing such reliability to harbormasters that they have used these anchors for permanent mooring purposes all these years. These mushroom anchors are made from 100 percent steel, which means they bend and do not break. If set properly, this permanent boat mooring anchor will have the holding power of approximately ten times the weight.
  3. Digger Boat Anchor. The Digger boat anchor is designed in such a way to put continuous, downward pressure on flukes thanks to its grabber cleats called "diggers." This enables the anchor to set quickly even in windy or rough conditions. When using this type of anchor, be sure to release about five times the amount of rope to water depth to ensure successful anchoring.
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