Best High School Football States

The best high school football states are not completely the same, as they were ten years ago. States like Ohio and Louisiana have fell out of the top five states list for high school football. One of the reasons why Louisiana is no longer in the top five is because of Hurricane Katrina. Many would be "Louisiana stars" moved with their families to other states. Below are the new top five states for football and why it is so.

  1. The state of Florida has always been #1 since the mid 80's. Not only is the state of Florida the #1 state for football, but it also boost the #1 city for football; Miami. You want the best players in the land. This is the place to go. The list of players in the NFL from this state is incredible. There are more players in the NFL who went to Florida high schools for football, then any other state in the country. Notable Mentions: Chad Johnson (Miami Beach High), John Vilma (Coral Gables High), Andre Johnson (Miami High), Dwayne Bowe (Miami Norland High), Santana Moss ( Miami Carol City High).
  2. Texas is a very close second. This state is loaded with players also, but they don't tend to have the just sheer athleticism as players from Florida. They have been in second place behind Florida since the mid 80's and with cities like Houston, Dallas and Galveston its easy to see why they remain so high as a football state. The city of Houston is the #2 city for high school football in the country behind Miami. 
  3. California is third, but is still loaded. There is a good reason why U.S.C. is always good every year and it is because they get all the best talent from high school in the state of California. Not to mention their school is in the city of L.A., where the third best talent for high school football resides.
  4. Georgia is now officially number four. Georgia used to be number six on most experts list of top high school states in the country, but with the recent drop of talent coming out of Ohio and the problems the state of Louisiana has had with people moving, because of Katrina its caused Georgia to go to number four.
  5. South Carolina is in the fifth spot. Surprising to some, but numbers don't lie. This state has always been a top ten state, but recently the number of top 150 players that are from this state continues to grow steadily. Two high school football teams from this state were in the ESPN top twenty last year with Byrnes high school at number two in the country for most of the year.


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