Best High School Water Polo Teams In America

Recruiters and fans alike enjoy watching the best high school water polo teams in America play. From East coast to West coast, water polo is played in high schools, offering a unique sport for both boys and girls to play in. Throughout the US, there are several high school water polo teams that are making a name for themselves quicker than others, making them the best in America. The boy’s water polo teams in America that are listed are only from states that sanction the sport, which as of 2011 are California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania. There are at least twelve states that host over 90 high school water polo teams, however they are non-sanctioned and therefore have no data published by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

  1. St Charles Preparatory School. In 2010, they won the Ohio Boys State Championships. Four years ago, St Charles didn’t even have a team. This is encouraging based on the players and the leadership of their coach. When it comes to water polo teams in America, this is extremely encouraging to learn that a team can pick up the sport so quickly.
  2. Clovis West Golden Eagles. This men’s team features the Fresno Bee’s Player of the Year as well as a great track record against the rest of California’s fierce competition. Their primary focus is their defense, which seems to pay off well for them.
  3. Wilson Bulldogs. The boys at Wilson High School in West Lawn, Pennsylvania went through the 2010 season undefeated, winning the state championship. That requires a lot of skill and coaching.
  4. Corona Del Mar Sea Kings. The boys’ water polo team has won the Pacific Coast League Title every year since they joined the league in 1999. That’s over ten years of consistent playing, which means that not only can the wins be contributed to great teams with the will and determination to win, but a coach that knows the sport in and out as well.
  5. Rockford Rams. The men’s team from Rockford High School in Michigan entered the state championships as fourth in the state. At the end of the game, they had their second consecutive state championship and their seventh in the past eight years. For a water polo team in America, it’s hard to compete with such consistent results as this team.

These high school teams have competed and proven their skills in the great sport of water polo, bringing it further into the news and more into people’s hearts. High school players are being recruited into some of the college water polo teams in America on a regular basis. High school water polo teams in America are popping up every year. More and more states are getting involved, creating both jv and varsity teams. Water polo teams in America, in general are gaining popularity, especially since the US Women’s team is currently #1 in the world for water polo.

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