Best Hobie Kayak Seats

Hobie is a maker of kayaks as well as kayak seats, and the best Hobie kayak seats all have something in common. They have to be versatile (fitting across a number of different kayak types), provide comfortable seating by way of usually strong back support, and be easy to replace.

  1. Hobie Mirage Kayak Seat. The Hobie Mirage Kayak Seat offers the kayaker great lumbar support, which is fundamental considering all those hours you will log kayaking. Also new with this 2010 model of this kayak seat is a kit for seat pegs and inflatable lumbar pegs. This Hobie kayak seat features a smaller backpack than previous models, and none of the discomfort on your lower back that came with older models is apparent in this incarnation.
  2. Hobie Kayak Seat. The Hobie Kayak Seat is meant to fit all Hobie paddle kayaks and not the Mirage series of Hobie kayaks. Newer models feature a more padded bottom cushion so your rear end will feel more comfortable on longer trips. Your rear end will thank you for getting this kayak seat for this reason alone. Another great feature of this kayak seat is how easy it is to remove for quick and fast transportation.
  3. Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak Seat. This kayak seat was designed for use on all 2007 and newer Hobie Mirage kayaks, which are also known as pedal drive kayaks. This seat comes with a removable fanny pack, too, just as an extra bonus. Good for long hours spent kayaking, it is also good for easy transportation as it is removable.
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