Best Hockey Gloves

The best hockey gloves provide the necessities to a successful run. Hockey gloves are a key element to overall player protection. Obviously, the hands are a vital area requiring top protection for the player against abrasions and trauma from sticks, skates and the puck. The best hockey gloves are durable, fit snuggly and are heavily padded. Padding should cover the back of the hands up to and including the wrist, with the same about of padding over the back of the fingers. Here are five of the best hockey gloves currently on the market.

  1. Mission Soldier SE Hockey Gloves. These gloves are hard stitched to promote longevity. Pigskin palm overlays provide superior grip and confidence when handling a hockey stick. Provides stellar foaming to protect the hands and allows for great flexibility.
  2. Bauer Pro 4-Roll Hockey Gloves. These gloves boast inserts and double density foam for added protection and in-game confidence. Has vented liner to allow your hands to breath, while still providing durability. The flex-lock technology guards the thumb from hyperextension injury.
  3. Easton Stealth S3 Hockey Gloves. These gloves provide for added grip and control of the hockey stick through their index-finger style. which allows for greater range of motion. The superior grip and flexibility of this glove is amazing. Superior comfort level with durability and an amazing protection package makes this hockey glove one of the best.
  4. CCM 4 Roll Hockey Gloves are what the professional’s wear. This ultra light, durable and masterfully constructed glove provides excellent grip and unsurpassed protection. Boasts long-life leather palms for added grip and stick handling, this amazing glove is moderately priced and offers some of the best overall construction in the game.
  5. Easton Stealth S11 Hockey Gloves provide for outstanding performance with exceptional padding and inserts for best fit and performance. The stretch gussets add to the over all feel of the gloves and the construction boast durability, flexibility and over all goodness.

Remember, it is extremely important that a hockey glove allow for flexibility and the ability to grip the hockey stick firmly and the palm should be coated or constructed of material that will promote a firm and lasting grip.

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