Best Home Wrestling Mats

These best home wrestling mats are all high quality mats you will love for their great durability. Each is superbly designed for your convenience while training. You won't be disappointed by any of these mats so be sure to consider each one.

  1. 10'X10' EZ Flex Home Wrestling Mat: Along with exceptional size, this mat features a great rolling system that won't disrupt its stability when practicing. Designed to be portable and lightweight, you'll find this to be a highly convenient mat to transport and lay out. It even includes an 8' circle and lines for starting points.
  2. AK Athletic Wrestling and Martial Arts 10'X10' Mat: Featuring a 2.5" thickness, this mat is sturdy and provides the necessary thickness to give you maximum comfort. The vinyl is attached by an adhesive rather than sewn, insuring the vinyl won't move. You absolutely can't get better than this amazing home wrestling mat.
  3. Tiffin Wrestling Mat 6'X4'x2": This mat has adequate thickness and is extremely portable and affordable (available under $100). Best of all, the setup is easy and the flexible construction allows them to be easily rolled. You'll find these mats to be the perfect solution to your wrestling needs.
  4. Get Rung 100 sq feet mat: This great shock-absorbent mat makes for the ideal wrestling mat that will give you everything you need to safely wrestle at home. It's even waterproof to make it long-lasting and easy to clean. You don't want to miss out on such a great lead and latex-free mat.
  5. VIP Fitness tri-fold mat: This mat is great if you want an easily stored portable mat. Its great 2' x 6' size and low price make it great to use alone or in combination with other tri-fold mats. You'll find your training needs significantly solved with an investment in this great mat.
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