Best Ice Hockey Skates

The best ice hockey skates are made right here in the United States. This may come as a mild shock to some, because when many think of ice hockey they think of Canada. It is true that some of the best players in the world are Canadians, and it may be so that the history of ice hockey dates back to eastern Canada, but the sport was perfected in the United States. Ice hockey is a very expensive sport, and finding the best ice hockey skates will set you back a pretty penny. Manufacturing of quality ice hockey skates is a fine art, and the best ice hockey skate hails from Eason, a company based in Van Nuys, California. Here are the best ice hockey skates for you to consider.

  1. The Easton Stealth S17 Ice Hockey Skate. This is a state-of-the-art skate with patented Nano Glide Steel blades. These blades are the sharpest and most precise blades on the market. This skate contains high technology and boast three patents for its blade, support mechanism and skate contort. This beautifully crafted skate is a staple for those serious about their ice hockey.
  2. Nike Bauer Supreme One 95 Hockey Skate. Nike offers a lightweight skate that has heat mold technology so the skate will fit snuggly against your ankle, providing the best support for your most vulnerable spot. The lightweight nature of the skate will provide for better glide and speed for those dashes from goal to goal.
  3. CCM U+ 09 Ice Hockey Skate. This Canadian manufacturer offers one of the best ice hockey skates in the business. This skate is built for one thing: speed. You do sacrifice a little stability with plastic molding instead of the traditional steel. It is this, however, that gives it the advantage in speed, and the product is still high quality and one of the best on the market.
  4. Torspo Sweet 50 Senior Ice Hockey Skate. This skate boasts a ultra-violet heat treatment to the blades, which equates to fewer trips to the sharpener. This lightweight, form-fitting ice hockey skate is an international choice and provides solid support and technology for the serious skater.
  5. Reebok 9K Pump Ice Hockey Skate. Reebok provides a lightweight skate with a superior blade but also addresses the need for longevity. The microfibers used in its manufacturing process and the addition of a gloss finish protect the skate from the inside out.

These are the best ice hockey skates on the market. Keep in mind, each on of these skates offers a junior version as well, something for the kids that is high quality and about three to four hundred dollars less than the adult version.

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