Best Independent Skateboard Trucks

The best Independent skateboard trucks are trucks that attach to the underside of the skateboard deck on which the wheels will be attached. Independent is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California that has been operating since 1978. Although based in Santa Cruz, the actual trucks are made in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. 149 Mark II Matte White. This is the second incarnation of the stage ten 149. This Independent skateboard truck features a hollow body hangar that is lightweight and a pivot cavity that comes with a new design.
  2. 139 Team Pro V Gold Black Fade. This is Independent's new Pro V Series which came about due to being inspired by the company's Stage V Anodized colors from the late 1980s. These trucks come with a hand-coated black fade on each side of the hanger.
  3. 139 Reynolds Pro V Sapphire Black Fade. The 139 Reynolds Pro V Sapphire Black Fade truck by Independent is part of a broader series by the company that showcases the colorways of contributors like Andrew Reynolds, Chris Haslam and Geoff Rowley. These trucks come with a transparent coating of color, hardware, logos and cushions that all correspond together.
  4. 129 Koston Pro V Deep Purple Black Fade. The 129 Koston Pro V Deep Purple Black Fade truck from Independent is guaranteed for life. The benefit of owning a truck by Independent that comes from this series is that they are balanced, lightweight and responsive. The baseplates on this Independent truck also feature 4140 chromoly steel axles and grade eight kingpins.
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