Best Indoor Rock Climbing: AZ

Knowing about the best indoor rock climbing in AZ is essential if you’re a rock climbing enthusiast planning on visiting the sunny state of Arizona. From AZ on the Rocks to the Climbmax Climbing Gym, there are many great indoor rock climbing sites located in Arizona.

  1. AZ on the Rocks. Not only is AZ on the Rocks one of the best indoor rock climbing sites in Arizona, but it’s also Arizona’s largest indoor climbing gym. This indoor rock climbing gym is fully air conditioned and perfect for a beginner or expert rock climbing enthusiast. AZ on the Rocks: 16447 N. 91st St. Suite A. Scottsdale, Arizona 85255.
  2. Phoenix Rock Gym. The Phoenix Rock Gym is another one of the best indoor rock climbing Arizona sites. This gym features 30 foot walls and over 15,000 square feet of climbing surface. The Phoenix Rock Gym is one of the best places to take kids. If you have any kids, be sure to take them along with you on your next indoor rock climbing adventure. This particular indoor rock climbing site can get a bit crowded during the holidays and weekends. If you want to beat the crowds, be sure to visit on a weekday. Phoenix Rock Gym: 1353 E. University Dr. Tempe, Arizona 85281.
  3. Ape Index. Ape Index is one of the coolest and best indoor rock climbing sites. This indoor rock climbing arena boasts walls 32 feet high and features more than 75 top ropes and even a bouldering tunnel. Ape Index: 9700 N. 91st Ave. Suite 118. Peoria, Arizona 85345.
  4. Rocks and Ropes Climbing Gym. The Rocks and Ropes Climbing Gym is another one of the best indoor rock climbing sites. This indoor rock climbing gym features a 35 foot wall, 50 top ropes and five lead climbing walls. Rocks and Ropes Climbing Gym: 330 S. Toole Ave. Suite 400. Tucson, Arizona 85701.
  5. Climbmax Gym. The Climbmax Gym is the ultimate indoor rock climbing site in Arizona. This gym features 15,000 square feet of climbing area, a climb through caves and upstairs and downstairs bouldering. If you have kids, be sure to bring them along because this particular indoor rock climbing gym has a children’s area as well. Climbmax Gym: 1330 W. Auto Dr. Suite 108. Tempe, Arizona 85284.



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