Best Indoor Rock Climbing: CA

Acknowledging a few of the best indoor rock climbing sites in CA is a must if you’re an adamant rock climbing enthusiast who plans to visit the beautiful state of California. From the huge Mesa Rim Climbing Center to the family-friendly Bridges Rock Gym, there are many cool places that offer the best indoor rock climbing in California.

  1. Mesa Rim Climbing Center. The Mesa Rim Climbing Center is one of the coolest and best indoor rock climbing CA hotspots. This indoor rock climbing site features over 30,000 square feet of climbing space. According to ACSD, Mesa Rim is the largest climbing gym in the nation. This rock climbing center is hip, challenging and a fun way to spend your day. Mesa Rim Climbing Center: 10110 Mesa Rim Rd., San Diego, California 92121 (858) 348-4593
  2. Solid Rock Gym. The Solid Rock Gym is one of the best indoor rock climbing CA sites. This gym offers 12,000 square feet of climbing area along with 35-foot walls. If you’re looking for a great workout and a fun time, be sure to visit this particular indoor rock climbing site. Solid Rock Gym: 13026 Stowe Drive, Poway, California 92064 (858) 748-9011
  3. Bridges Rock Gym. If you’re a family man, the Bridges Rock Gym is the best indoor rock climbing site for you as it’s kid-friendly. This indoor rock climbing gym features a two-story cave along with 17-foot boulders. Bridges Rock Gym: 5635 San Diego Street, El Cerrito, California 94530 (510) 525-5635
  4. City Beach. Boasting over 16,000 square feet of climbing room, City Beach is one of the best and most popular indoor rock climbing CA sites. This indoor rock climbing site can get a bit crowded, so be willing and ready to share. City Beach: 4020 Technology Place, Fremont, California 94538 (510) 651-2500
  5. Sacramento Pipeworks. The popular Sacramento Pipeworks is another one of the best indoor rock climbing CA sites. This particular indoor rock climbing place features a 40 foot high lead wall, over 14,000 square feet of climbing space and over 70 top and lead ropes. Sacramento Pipeworks is perfect for the beginner or expert rock climber. Sacramento Pipeworks: 116 N. 16th Street, Sacramento, California 95814 (916) 341-0100
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