Best Investments For 2010

The best investments for 2010 include stocks, real estate and a savings account. Protecting hard earned dollars by stocking them away even in low yield investments such as a savings account provides security in this still-recovering economy.

  1. High-Quality Stocks. Invest in stocks with consistent earnings growth, low debt to earnings ratio and above average return on invested capital. Work with a financial advisor if you aren't experienced in buying stocks.
  2. Real Estate. With the real estate industry still reeling from the 2007 housing bust, many homeowners have been forced to reduce their price when they sell their home. Investors in this real estate market can still find under-valued bargains.
  3. Foreclosures. While foreclosures typically represent a property that's thoroughly trashed by the vacating residents, unemployment has changed the foreclosure landscape. Homeowners who have cared for their homes for years are forced to move because of financial constraints, and to broaden their job opportunities. By carefully searching for foreclosures with an experienced attorney, you can find some good ones making this one of 2010's best investments.
  4. Mutual Funds. Mutual funds pool the assets of thousands of investors. An account manager or adviser invests the money in various commodities.
  5. Savings Account. Saving $100 a month adds up to $1,200 by year's end. That's less than most individual's cell phone bill. It's one of the best investments for 2010 because it provides a solid way to save for an emergency. Financial advisers recommend saving three to six months of pay in case of a lay-off or another financial crisis.
  6. Gold. In 2010, one of the best performing investments was gold which reached a high of $1,421.10 in December of 2010. It's recent price is $1,426.57.



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