Best IPad Games for Men


The best iPad games for men are perfect for guys who like to have a little fun. Guys who love the latest and greatest gadgets are enamored by the Apple iPad because of its impressive hardware and extreme portability. Even though it was released not too long ago, the iPad has already proven itself in the corporate and academic environments. As good as it is as a serious computing tool, it also is a fun gaming platform for guys who know how to kick back and relax.


“Angry Birds”.


After conquering the iPhone, “Angry Birds” has now made its way to the iPad. The game is clearly one of the best iPad games for men. Forums devoted to “Angry Birds” aficionados have been sprouting left and right and related merchandise such as T-shirts and coffee mugs have been selling like hotcakes. The game is simple enough but extremely engrossing. Evil green pigs have stolen a number of eggs and now, the birds seek vengeance and retribution. Control the birds as you lay waste to the pig's fortified castles. This isn't just some random act of mindless violence. Attacks must be carefully calculated as the ensuing damage are bound by the laws of physics. To be at your most efficient, you must figure out exactly where to strike.


“Lane Splitter”.

lane splitter.jpg

Motorcycle games are a dime a dozen. What makes “Lane Splitter” one of the best iPad games for men is the well rendered graphics and smooth controls offered by the iPad. The “Lane Splitter” is really not a race but a challenging game of avoidance. Gamers score by the length of the ride, how many wheelies you pop and the total number of vehicles you pass before you inevitably wipe out. “Lane Splitter” also rank among best iPad games for men that effectively use the Apple iPad's tilt controls.


“NBA Jam”.

nba jam.jpg

Guys love basketball. We play in the driveway, at the local gym, over at the neighborhood park and on the television thanks to our gaming consoles. The iPad is now also basketball territory following the release of “NBA Jam”. This fantastic game is jam-packed with more than 30 NBA squads and also includes some of the greatest players to ever play the game with the likes of Scottie Pippen, Julius Irving, Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman.


“Infinity Blade”




Hands down, “Infinity Blade” is one of the best looking iPad games for men. The game is powered by the impressive Unreal Tournament 3 engine and and is able to stand toe to toe with traditional console games in terms of overall playability and graphics. “Infinity Blade” features beautiful, detailed environments and an easy-to-follow fighting and spell casting system. Clearly, this isn't your daddy's hack and slash game.


“Plants vs. Zombies”


The zombie horde is fast approaching! Do you make a run for it? Do you grab a shotgun and make a stand? No, you plant seeds to stop their menacing advance. With a cool concept, fun cartoon graphics and a funky soundtrack, “Plants vs. Zombies” is extremely fun. Casual and hardcore gamers alike have a difficult time keeping themselves away from this game.

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