Best iPhone Apps For Learning Spanish

With the world's borders becoming ever fainter, it's becoming increasingly obvious that you will need one of the best iPhone apps for learning Spanish. These programs excel in areas like pronunciation, spelling and even object recognition. If you don't have the time or money to sit for a formal class, then consider the following list of the best iPhone apps for learning Spanish as the best way to efficiently increase your language comprehension.

  1. Free Spanish Tour. If you're looking for a quick and easy iPhone app for learning Spanish, then Free Spanish Tour is the answer to your prayers. The app has a very fluid way of teaching useful Spanish phrases to the reader, but teaching them the English meaning then quizzing them using a testing method that fits their learning style. It even allows people to keep track of certain words and phrases that give them a particular amount of difficulty, making it one of the most customizable apps for learning Spanish out there.
  2. iTranslate Ultimate. When you just need to learn a few words at a time, you definitely need iTranslate. What it lacks in language training it makes up for with the ability to translate words between French, English, German and Spanish. Great if you find a word that you're unfamiliar with, though only good as a portable dictionary. Still, if you ever find yourself stuck on a few words in particular, definitely consider owning this iPhone app.
  3. Spanish 101. With a stripped-down interface and an easy-to-use program, Spanish 101 is one of the best iPhone apps for learning Spanish. Users are presented with words and phrases in a flash card-type fashion, and everything is done with a native audio track. While some may see it as sparse, it's more streamlined than anything else. Without a lot of useless bells and whistles to its operation. Spanish 101 is one of the best iPhone apps for learning Spanish for people who know exactly what they need in a training program.
  4. iSpeak Spanish. For the folks who tend to find Spanish while reading or sending emails, iSpeak Spanish is the answer to their prayers. The app works best as an in-text translator for your emails and word documents. It can search out Spanish sentences and provide you with a succinct English translation, allowing you to make learning Spanish more applicable. Furthermore, the app also contains a handy text to speech translator, letting you take phrases that you've typed out and hear them through the vocal chords of a native speaker.

Learning Spanish is one of the most useful endeavors that anyone can go through, given the increasing demographic of speakers within the United States. That being said, it's sometimes difficult to attend classes or work with a trainer in a one-on-one setting. If you don't have the time to commit to a private lesson, using these iPhone apps for learning Spanish is one of the best ways to reinforce your foreign language abilities.

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