Best Jack Palance Movies

This list of the best Jack Palance movies kicks as much ass as you would expect. Jack Palance's career was synonymous with longevity and making a mark on the big screen, so much so that his career spanned a whopping 40-plus years. In our Best Jack Palance Movies list, you will learn about his most memorable films and the reasons why they are so noteworthy.

  1. "Shane". The movie features Jack Palance as the villain and got him his second Oscar nomination. "Shane" tells the tale of a worn-out gunfighter who only wants to ingratiate himself with a homestead family, but who ends up in the middle of a nasty settler and rancher conflict instead.
  2. "City Slickers". The perennial favorite from 1991, "City Slickers" is the movie that finally got Jack Palance his only Oscar victory, and with good reason. In a film about mid-life crises and cattle-ranching, Palance's performance as Curly steals the show. Highly rated on many industry lists of best comedy movies.
  3. "The Man in the Attic". We included this film here because of one, primary reason: This was Jack Palance's first leading role! In this role, he plays Mr. Slade, a research pathologist who is suspected of being Jack the Ripper. A movie that is best for die-hard Jack Palance fans for sure.
  4. "Batman". Yes…"Batman". Not the new iteration featuring Christian Bale, but the very first one from 1989 featuring Michael Keaton. Surprised? You may have missed Jack Palance here, but he had a sizeable role as Carl Grissom, a crime king. This role revived his career and set the stage for his comeback in "City Slickers" only two years later.
  5. "Attack". Another relatively early Jack Palance offering, "Attack" was released in 1956 and features him as Lt. Joe Costa, soldier with doubts about his captain's ability to lead his men. Great war movie.



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