Best Jay-Z Break Up Songs

If you're dealing with the end of a relationship, this list of the best Jay-Z break up songs will help you get through it. While there is no denying that breaking up is hard to do, the Jigga man has some great music that can relate to your situation and make it a little easier. Get ready to turn the music up and forget about your ex because these are the best Jay-Z break up songs to soothe your relationship sorrows.

  1. "99 Problems"– Through every difficulty, there's a silver lining. Jay-Z reminded the world of that when he released this tune back in 2003 on "The Black Album". Basically, you may still have problems, but your-drama filled-ex doesn't have to be one of those problems. Let the saga continue and put an end to the theatricals.
  2. "Break Up To Make Up"- As one of the best Jay-Z break up songs, this selection could go either way. If you've been in one of those confusing relationships where you couldn't figure out if you were coming or going, this is the break up song for you. Relationships can get crazy so bask in the glory of your new found freedom.
  3. "Song Cry"- This reminiscent tune from Jay-Z's album, "The Blueprint", will help to portray feelings that have surfaced since your break up. Whether you've been cheated on or have been the one doing the cheating, let the lyrics of this best Jay-Z break up song be comfort to your broken heart. Sort out the sequence of events that led to your current predicament and in the meantime let this song cry over the love you lost.
  4. "Break Up (That's All We Do)"- R. Kelly and Jay-Z collaborated for this great song. The lyrics describe a dysfunctional relationship filled with arguing and mended only by make up sex. If the bond you had with your significant other was as unhealthy as the song depicts, this may not be the last break up between you two.
  5. "Soon You'll Understand"- The Jigga man did it again with this pick of the best Jay-Z break up songs. The tone and words to this break up song are as encouraging as they are thought provoking. To sum up the words to this song, despite all you two may have been through to make things work, "Soon You'll Understand" why the relationship wasn't meant to last.
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