Best Jeans For Men By Body Type

To find the best jeans for men by body type, you have to know your body type and pair it with the appropriate pair of jeans. With the right pair of jeans, you’ll look like you lost weight.   

  1. Baggy Jeans. Believe it or not, baggy jeans are stylish and comfortable to wear. They’re one of the best jeans for men with a fit body type. Only guys who have a great physique can pull of this look. Overweight men would look even heavier in a pair of baggy jeans. Don’t wear baggy jeans to hide figure flaws. Guys should only wear baggy jeans on a day out with friends or to a party. Never wear baggy jeans to work. Even though you’ll feel comfortable, your boss and co-workers won’t take you seriously.
  2. Carpenter/Work Jeans. These jeans are the ones you should be wearing to work. Wear them anywhere else and you’ll look silly in them. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re durable than regular jeans. These are the best jeans for men because they wash and wear so well. Guys will be reaching for these jeans again and again. Carpenter jeans are just as comfortable as a baggy jean without the baggy look. Along with baggy jeans, they look better on tall and fit men.
  3. Relaxed/Loose Style Jeans. These are the best jeans for men with any body type. They’re the perfect “Sunday” jean. Relaxed jeans fit many types of guys’ relaxed and casual moods. Men can wear them with tee-shirts, sweatshirts, or a button down shirt. Never wear a relaxed jean that’s too loose. You’ll end up looking too skinny or short.
  4. Boot Cut Jeans. These last jeans are also the best jeans for men with any body type. They make any guy look slimmer and taller. Just like with the ladies’ version, boot cut jeans flatter a man’s body. Boot cut jeans are perfect to wear on a date with that special someone. She’ll love how you look in those jeans. Wear boot cut jeans with polo shirts, button down shirts, and sweaters. You can’t do wrong in these jeans.  



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