Best Jeans For Short Men

Curious about the best jeans for short men? Most designers cater to a taller man when it comes to clothing. The best jeans for short men (those under 5’ 9”) can sometimes be hard to find.

  1. Tapered jeans. These are the best jeans for short men because they lengthen their legs. Don’t go for jeans that are baggy or wide. It will just stunt your height even more.
  2. Neutral-colored jeans. Find jeans in black, khaki or gray. If you want, wear a matching shirt on top. You will be wearing one of the best jeans for short men, because monochromatic colors make people appear taller. Wear your shirt tucked in or you’ll appear messy and short.
  3. Boot-cut jeans. These are one of the best jeans for short men and for anyone because they make you appear taller and leaner. Just stay away from the bell bottom styles. Just like with the wide leg jeans, they will stunt your height.
  4. Denim shorts. Wear denim shorts that end just above the knee to make the leg appear longer. Stay away from the short shorts; the ladies will just laugh at you. Baggy or loose-fitting shorts will stunt your height.
  5. Low-rise jeans. No matter what style of jeans you go for, make sure it’s a low-rise jean. The best jeans for short men are those that sit below the natural waist or your belly button. It will create the illusion of a longer torso, which will give you a taller silhouette.
  6. Overall jeans. This may seem funny, but overall jeans make a man appear taller. These are the last best jeans (or styles) for short men, although they’re only ideal to wear if you work on a farm or at a manufacturing plant. The same goes for suspenders, but we’ll leave those to the older men.
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