Best Jobs For 2010

The best jobs for 2010 are based on salary, projected growth for the next decade, bonuses and personal satisfaction. In a rapidly changing technological and business landscape, the demands are also shifting although the rise of certain industries will remain constant for a few years such as health care and information technology.

  1. Software Architect This job ranks on top of the best job for 2010 CNN list. Information Technology has been hurt hard in other counties, but it is a booming industry in New Zealand. It is a creatively challenging job, similar to being a building architect but for computer software. It pays better than programmers and a bachelor’s degree is the basic requirement although a master’s will increase your value.
  2. Physical Therapist The health care industry will only keep on growing and physical therapy is ranked fourth on the best job list. As a therapist, you see immediate results and can be very rewarding to see a patient able to walk after three months of therapy. You will feel like a superhero without having to leap tall buildings in a single bounce.
  3. Environmental Engineer As a consultant, you select your projects and are not constrained by management bureaucracy, making it one of the best jobs around. Most importantly, you get to protect the environment and make the planet better for mankind by thinking of solutions to improve waste management, have cleaner air and conserve water and other natural resources.
  4. Biomedical Engineer The demand for this job will continue to rise, making this not only one of the best jobs around, but also a booming one. The average pay is around $76,000 with a lot of downtime. You spend almost your entire professional life inside a lab waiting for the results of your experiments on bacteria, cells and enzymes. You basically get paid for sitting around.
  5. Physician's Assistant Ranked second on CNN’s best job list for 2010 for good reason. The pay alone is approximately $92,000 on average and is part of a growing health care industry. A physician’s assistant can diagnose and treat illness but does not need to spend years and hundreds of thousands to attain a doctor’s educational level. On the down side, hours are long and sometimes entails working the entire week.
  6. Transportation Engineer This job has minimal stress compared to others on the best job list. If you are a people person, this job is for you. To improve public transportation, you need to communicate with the people who use-the public.
  7. Web Developer This ranks low in stress level. As a creator and manager of websites, you can either work full-time or freelance as a consultant. Deadlines do not loom in every corner, so you have a lot of time on your hands to be creative and to develop ideas.
  8. Dentist Dentists are universally feared. Nobody wants to see them but always ends up in the dentist chair at some point. This is an excellent paying job and as a dentist you generally dictate your office hours, so you can close stop if you want to go surfing for the day.
  9. Sales Director Social and sales skills are important assets for a sales director. You will be managing a company’s sales staff and plan tactics to increase profit. This job, although considered as one of the best, has a high stress level as revenues should constantly be generated. However, the salary is excellent and bonuses are constant based on performance.
  10. Database Administrator Your main job is to manage, organize and fix a company’s data. It is a job that will not disappear anytime soon as companies become more computer technology dependent. Certification is not required but can be an asset for a novice.



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