Best John Travolta Best Comedy Movies

John Travolta’s best comedy movies are not only entertaining but many have received critical acclaim. John Travolta's talent for comedy was revealed in his first big acting break, a 1975 ABC comedy series called  "Welcome Back, Kotter." John played Vinny Babarino a wise cracking high school student in New York City. He went on to make feature films in all genres. But for long-time fans, his comedic talent is his best and most beloved attribute.

Check out this list of John Travolta’s Best Comedy Movies.

  1. "Old Dogs" 2009. Two best friends find themselves in charge of six year old twins while closing the biggest business deal of their lives. John’s daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta, makes her acting debut in this movie.
  2. "Bolt" 2008. In this animation comedy, John lends his voice as Bolt, a super-dog action hero who must find his way home. Nominated for 2009 Critics Choice Award and Golden Globe Award for “Best Original Song,” “I Thought I Lost You,” a duet performed by Miley Cyrus and John Travolta.
  3. "Wild Hogs" 2007. This comedy/drama is about men, motorcycles and mid-life crisis. Wild Hogs was nominated for Best Picture for People’s Choice Awards 2007.
  4. "Hairspray" 2007. A film version of John Water’s hit musical. Travolta plays the mother (yes, mother) of a star struck teen. John has been awarded Hollywood Supporting Actor of the year by Hollywood Film Festival for his role as the mother of Tracy Turnblad, the teen.
  5. "Michael" 1996. Directed by Nora Ephron. John plays Michael, an angel who comes down the Earth for the last time.
  6. "Get Shorty" 1995. John plays film buff/loan shark, Chili Palmer who is sent to L.A. to collect on a bad debt for  a trash movie producer Harry Zimm, played by Gene Hackman.
  7. Look Who’s Talking 1989. A New York cabby, played by John, rushes a single woman in labor to the hospital. He quickly falls in love with the mom and the new baby. The baby’s voice is provided by a hilarious Bruce Willis. Two sequels followed, "Look Who’s Talking Too" in 1990 and "Look Who’s Talking Now" in 1993.
  8. "The Experts" 1989. Two New York hot shots are kidnapped and drugged. They find themselves in the former Soviet Union. Travolta appears with Kelly Preston is in this comedy.
  9. "Grease" 1978. John recreates a former stage role as Danny Zuko, in this film version of Grease.  His love interest, Sandy is played by Olivia Newton John.
  10. "Saturday Night Fever" 1977. John Travolta’s break out movie role. Travolta plays Tony, a Brooklyn teenager, who is the king of the disco dance floor. The music and theme of this movie defined the ‘70’s disco craze. It was followed by the sequel, "Staying Alive" in 1983.


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