Best Jon Boat Accessories

Using a jon boat can be extremely fun when you know the best jon boat accessories for your boating experience. While many accessories are used in jon boats around the world, our list of accessories is both necessary and the best ones to use in the limited space of a jon boat. While all of these accessories may not apply to your boating experience, hopefully this list will give you ideas of things you can use.

  1. Floatation device. If you’re wondering why we didn’t say “life jacket” or “life preserver,” you’re not alone. While most areas require the use of at least having a life jacket present in the boat, others don’t. Even if you do have a life jacket, it won’t help your very much if you’ve fallen out of the boat and your buddy can’t reach you. Or even worse, you’ve fallen out while fishing alone and have nothing to grab. Having a floatation device that is connected to your boat via a rope is one of the best accessories for your jon boat. This device can act as both a life saver and a comfortable place to rest your butt!
  2. Rope. Speaking of ropes, it’s second on our list of best jon boat accessories. Having a rope that is connected to your jon boat can serve a multitude of purposes. If you’re trying to dock your jon boat, it’s much easier to have a rope in hand than trying to hold onto the boat while trying to jump onto shore. If you happened to load your jon boat by hand, having a rope to swing your boat around while the boat’s in the water is much easier to do than bothering to get wet. A rope is also handy for other things such as anchors and tying off to trees.
  3. Swivel seats. While this may seem like an obvious accessory, not having it can be a real pain in the butt. If you fish out of a jon boat with just bench seats, you know how painful it is after about ten minutes. With a swivel seat, you’re afforded the comfort of being able to fish all day pain-free. Swivel seats are easy to install in your jon boat and will pay for themselves in both comfort and the added ability of sitting up higher in the boat. If you’re concerned about room, swivel seats are very easy to remove while you’re on the water. Swivel seats are also easy to store while your jon boat isn’t in use.
  4. Paddles. None of us like to think of the day that we’re about three miles downriver and our engine dies, but it does happen. If you get caught in this situation or are looking for some good exercise, than you should have a good set of paddles in your jon boat at all times. Paddles are easy to use with a little practice and afford you the ability of helping you to maneuver through the water both quietly and with ease. Paddles are also handy to use if you need to push-off from a sandbar or shallow riffles.
  5. Boots. Our last accessory isn’t necessarily just a jon boat accessory but should be an investment that you have on your every time you’re out on the boat. A good set of waterproof boots are essential when you’re fishing out of a jon boat. Many times you will run-up on a shallow rock and may need to hop out of the boat to get your boat loose. Use waterproof boots that won’t get stuck in the mud to prevent falls, injuries, or even worse. While you probably don’t need to be wearing these boots all the time, make sure they’re handy and readily available for when you do need to use them. They’re also very handy for muddy banks and launching/loading your jon boat.
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