Best Junior Water Skis

The best junior water skis are all great choices for either kids or beginner water skiers. They are each reliable and well-designed skis that you'll find will vastly enhance your ski experience. If you want the top of the line junior water skis, then these are the choices for you.

  1. Body Glove Trainer Skis. These junior water skis are exceptional and safe for kids. They even include a convenient rope with two handles so trainers can hold one while the skier holds the other. Made of stiff and light rim construction, you can rely on these skis to work safely and last you a long time.
  2. Connelly Junior Water Skis. These are great junior water skis that work great for skiers under 135 pounds. These skis even have a stabilizer bar that can be removed once the skier feels more confident and balanced. It's great for those learning and looking to advance quickly in water skiing.
  3. Full Throttle Beginner Trainer Water Ski. These are great skis for beginners training to become water skiers. You'll appreciate the wooden design that can be used to safely train children. These junior water skis have an elite design that can help quickly and safely chain small kids.
  4. 60" Combo Jr. Water Ski. These are superior junior water skis has a professional design that can keep you safe when learning. Intended for skiers weighing 80 to 120 pounds, it has everything needed for the skier to progress to the next level. If you want skis that are both durable and reliable, these high-quality and affordable skis are the ones for you.
  5. Obrien Junior VORTEX Water Ski. These are great water skis that give you extra width, making water skiing a breeze. You'll love the sturdy construction to give you a luxurious skiing experience. You will find that your water skiing experience is significantly improved with these elite and well designed junior water skis.
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