Best Kayak Accessories

Kayaking involves more than just a boat; learn about the best kayak accessories at Mademan. Here are some of the essential kayak accessories from the top kayaking brands. The following Kayak accessories are everything you need before embarking on your next adventure.

  1. Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Fiberglass Paddle. If you need kayak paddles, the Sting Ray paddle is the best kayak accessory for you. This paddle is made from lightweight fiberglass, yet it is durable enough for rocks or other obstacles. This paddle is designed with a dihedral blade, which promotes optimum control. This paddle can also be adjusted to your preferred specifications or taken apart for storing.
  2. Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump. This kayak accessory can be used for almost everything. This all-purpose kayak accessory fits most valves. This pump provides continuous air and it is suitable for inflating your kayak or deflating it. 44 gallons of air (per minute) go through the pump to make inflation quick and easy. You can also use the Advanced Elements two-way hand pump in the event of an emergency to deflect water from your kayak. 
  3. Advanced Elements Spray Skirt. If you want to keep water out of your kayak,this spray skirt is a great kayak accessory for you. The skirt is made from polyester and fits over the cockpit to prevent water from entering your kayak. This kayak accessory is durable and it will also keep you warm if you are kayaking in cool temperatures. This Spray skirt features polyurethane coating and welded seams. This spray skirt also has mesh pockets for waterproof storage. 
  4. Advanced Elements Backbone. The Advanced Elements BackBone fits all kayaks with an “advanced frame.” The purpose of this best kayaking accessory is to increase performance and control with a frame that runs from the bow of the kayak to its stern. This is the best kayak accessory for inflatable kayaks. 
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