Best Kayak Cockpit Covers For Perception Kayaks

There are a few kayak covers that qualify as the best kayak covers for Perception Kayaks. The reason that Perception Kayaks require a special cover is because they were built for smaller framed paddlers. The uniquely designed kayak frame requires a uniquely sized cover. Fortunately, most kayak covers retail for less than $50.

  1. Harmony 3P Cockpit Kayak Cover. This cover was specifically designed to fit the Perception Prodigy 10 and 12 kayaks. It has a coated polyester fabric and an adjustable bungee cord to give it a tight fit.
  2. Oak Orchard Perception Kayak Cockpit Cover. This is a standard Perception kayak cover that fits the Acadia models. It is made from urethane-coated nylon pack cloth. A ¼ inch shockcord grip sleeve holds the cover snug to the rim. It also features a grab loop so you can put it on and remove it with ease.
  3. Oak Orchard Perception Kayak Cockpit Cover for Carolina and Prodigy Models. The double stitched nylon pack cloth is durable and prevents spiders, mice and other critters from making a home in your kayak when it is not in use. This cover specifically fits well on the six different Carolina models and the two Prodigy models by Perception.
  4. T-100 Recreational Tandem Cockpit Kayak Cover. The Swifty, Sanibel, Keowee, Jocassee and Fontana kayaks by Perception are made of a unique size. The Tandem cover fits well over these models and they provide two hull straps for cartopping with extra security.
  5. Clearwater Cockpit Kayak Cover. This brand offers a variety of sizes that will fit Perception kayaks. The covers are made from UV-resistant polyester that will not stretch when it gets wet. At this time, it is only available in a black color.
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