Best Kayak Deck Bags

The best kayak deck bags are used to store your kayaking equipment and other essential items when you are paddling in your kayak. Oftentimes reliable, water-proof and durable, kayak deck bags give the kayaker a sense of peace of mind so he can excel at what he's doing without worrying about whether his stuff is dry or not.

  1. Watershed Deluxe Aleutian Kayak Deck Bag. This kayak deck bag does what it is supposed to do: Furnish accessible, easy-to-reach and on-site storage for kayaks and paddlers. Featuring their patented Zip Dry advantage, this deck bag ensures that moisture is locked out with an airtight seal.
  2. Baja Deck Bag. Good for sea kayaking, the Baja kayak deck bag provides the reassurance that your gear will remain dry and handy in your kayak. Made with the special RF-welded seams to keep water and waves out, Baja's deck bag also comes with a shoulder strap for carrying options on the shore.
  3. Seattle Sports New Wave Kayak Deck Bag. This deck bag by Seattle Sports is moderately priced but still big on features. It is also eco-friendly and includes a see-through window that allows you to quickly and easily spot your gear. This kayak deck bag is good for low-light situations as it features reflective end with a strobe mount.
  4. Wildwasser Deck Pilot Kayak Deck Bag. Wildwasser's kayak deck bag is one which permits one-handed access so you can locate anything of yours in a hurry. Some features that make this kayak deck bag stand out above the rest are a bilge pump, a GPS see-through holder, and a hydration sleeve.
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