Best Kayak Escapade Mainstream Seat Covers

The best kayak Escapade mainstream seat covers are those seat covers which provide two things to your rear end while you are paddling away at your kayak. One, it provides a degree of comfort that will make your hours paddling away very bearable. And, two, it provides protection for your actual seat from all kinds of nasty things like the elements, which include rain, water and any kind of dirt, too.

  1. Phase 3 Seat Bottom Cover. Taking the number one spot as the best kayak Escapade mainstream seat cover, the Phase 3 seat bottom cover fits many kayaks from all the way back in 2002 to the present day. Coming in at 19 inches by almost 18 inches, the installation of this kayak seat cover is so easy that it is self-explanatory. Installation is as easy as pushing and then fixing in place the push rivets that come with this seat cover. The next time you need protection from the elements, look to Phase 3.
  2. Harmony Padded Seat Back Cover. The Harmony padded seat back cover takes care of all your protection and preservation needs when out on the water in your kayak. Even if you've just pulled your kayak up along a riverbank and are taking a rest, this seat cover will do the trick. All you do is place this seat cover on the back of your kayak seat and fasten it into place through the drawcord and cordlock. If you have ever required lumbar support and much-needed relief from it, then this is your kayak seat cover.
  3. Tarpon Seat Back Pad. The final kayak Escapade mainstream seat cover is this entry which comes with the neat bonus of adding comfort to your back as you sit in your kayak while paddling. It comes in two models: The oval model has attachments strings on either side that fasten quickly to your kayak seat. The round model of this kayak seat cover features attachment strings on the bottom. The next time you want a combination of a kayak seat cover with a nice back support, look into this Tarpon model.
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