Best Kayak Hatch Covers

A blessing for kayakers, kayak hatch covers provide basic, watertight and airtight protection of your goods, items and all other equipment that you store in your hatch, and the best kayak hatch covers are all affordable. They usually are secured by way of cargo straps that hold the hatch cover down in place.

  1. Valley Sea Kayak Round Hatch Cover. The pioneer of kayak hatch covers from way back in the 80s, Valley is still the premier maker of kayak hatch covers against which all other manufacturers' covers are compared. Though made for Valley Sea Kayaks, this hatch cover is good for use on Necky, Current Designs, Wilderness Systems, and Impex kayak models.
  2. Valley Sea Kayaks Oval Hatch Cover. This Valley kayak hatch cover is made from strong-but-bendable rubber that fashions a dependable seal with efficient access. Its inside diameter measures sixteen inches by nine inches. It is advised that you employ this hatch cover with 303 Protectant for longer life.
  3. VCP Oval Kayak Hatch Cover. This example of one of the best kayak hatch covers measures sixteen inches by nine inches and includes a rim, too, for retrofitting purposes of different models of sea kayaks. Being a totally watertight hatch, this VCP oval hatch cover is ideal if you are about to build your own kayak.
  4. Kayak Sport Hatch Cover. The Kayak Sport hatch covers are primarily used on the bow and stern of kayaks. While being watertight, they do not ensure complete dryness. Since they stand up to UV effectively, they do not need protectant applied as often as other brands' hatch covers. Although this is one of the best kayak hatch covers, it does not float, so you must tether it to your kayak instead.
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