Best Kayak Knives

The best kayak knives will get you out of tough scrapes in emergency kayaking situations. Or, at the same time, they can be counted on merely as handy little tools that you can use for essentials like cutting, puncturing, slashing, stabbing and slicing during your kayaking activities.

  1. Gerber 05640 River Shorty Knife. The Gerber 05640 River Shorty Knife is the ideal kayak knife because it comes with a permanent blade and a blunt tip with a sheath. It is made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, something you will be thankful for when out on the water kayaking and receiving all that spray on your knife. It is also a highly polished blade for extra effectiveness.
  2. Gerber 22-41028 Serrated River Knife with Form Fitted Sheath. The beauty with this kayak knife is how much traction it has, which lends itself well to your kayaking activities. When you need a knife to flick out quickly, this lightweight, compact and with an improved, non-slip grip will be perfect.The Gerber 22-41028 river knife secures itself to your PDF in both left and right directions and also when wet, another bonus. The blade itself is rust-resistant and titanium-coated for extra power and durability.
  3. House of Scuba Seal Titanium Folding Multi Purpose Knife. This kayak knife is a multi purpose tool that you can use for kayaking, boating, sailing, rafting and even hiking and scuba-diving, just to name a few other purposes! With a blade that is almost four inches long and a half-inch wide, the Seal Titanium Folding Multi Purpose Knife also features straight and serrated edges for all needs, along with a hooked line cutter.



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