Best Kayak Leg Straps

The best kayak leg straps are ones that enhance your performance and control. Also variously called thigh straps, thigh braces or knee straps, leg straps are so effective that if fastened properly, you can even do an Eskimo roll on a sit-top kayak. Imagine how cool (and wet, too) you would look!

  1. Surf to Summit Budget Leg Straps. These babies are your basic model that provides simplicity and value for kayakers. Extending for use over a diverse set of conditions, these kayak leg straps can be used for white water, rough water, and maximum control over your kayak in all conditions. It is 58 inches in overall length.
  2. Surf to Summit Deluxe Thigh Braces. These leg straps for kayaks are molded for both the respective right and left sides of your legs. Its lack of plastic buckles make this pair of leg straps the strongest Surf to Summit can offer. If you need adjustments while wearing these, use tri-glides to do so.
  3. Surf to Summit Contour Bungee Thigh Straps. This pair of kayak leg straps come in an ergonomic design and are thermal-molded; it is also totally adjustable with two ladder locks per each, individual strap. In the case of the phenomenon called boat lean, quick reaction comes through your legs being kept relaxed due to the tension on these leg straps being kept even by the bungee cords.
  4. TopKayaker Pro-Form Knee Straps. With padded knee straps, a contoured ergonomic design, and a ladder lock for simple adjustments, these kayak leg straps are great for both flat water and rough water activities. They are built to be swapped from one kayak and kayaker to another.
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