Best Kayak Paddle Clips

One of the easiest ways to secure your paddle when your not using it is to purchase one of the best kayak paddle clips available on the market. Kayak paddle clips are simple devices that retail between $5 and $20. This makes them an affordable solution to your paddle storage needs.

  1. Yak Clip-on Paddle Clips. These are unique clips to hold your paddle or fishing rod. There are no holes to drill and no tools are needed with these clips because they clip onto the kayak cockpit. Move the clip to the front of the cockpit to allow ease when getting in and out of the kayak, and relocate the clip to the side of the cockpit to move the paddles out of the way when relaxing or reeling in a big fish.
  2. Harmony Kayak Paddle clips. The Harmony clips are made of 2 ½ inch nylon coated steel, and need to be mounted to the kayak with the four screws that are provided. These are sturdy clips to keep the paddles out of your way when not in use.
  3. Beckson Paddle Clips. Made of tough plastic, these clips will not corrode, rust, or lose their flexibility. The stainless steel nuts and screws hold the clips in place. Because these are permanently mounted kayak paddle clips, carefully consider the clip location before drilling holes.
  4. ZRE Kayak Paddle Clips. The ZRE brand kayak paddle clips are another example of the snap-on clip design allowing you to move the clips to various locations on the kayak cockpit. The clips are make of nylon coated steel and offer a lifetime warranty.
  5. Ocean Kayak Paddle/Rod Clips. The Ocean brand clips are permanently mounted to the side of the kayak with rivets. They are the perfect size for your paddle or fishing rod, and are used by many kayak fishing enthusiasts.
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