Best Kayak Rescue Straps

The best kayak rescue straps are there for you if you ever need to extricate your paddles in any situation on the water in your kayak. The best kayak rescue straps allow you to quickly release your paddles and get to them quickly.

  1. Universal Rescue Straps (Multi purpose Straps). These Universal Rescue Straps–for use on kayaks like Current Designs and Seaward–are made to be used together with paddles and even paddle floats. To use these straps, all you have to do is loosen its straps, slide your kayak paddle through both straps, and then finally tighten the straps across the shafts of the paddle.
  2. Quick Release Rescue Strap Kit. The Quick Release Rescue Strap Kit has reinvented self rescue of the paddle float kind. A common problem for kayakers is that paddles get stuck on the rear deck bungies, but with these quick release rescue straps, you no longer have to worry about this. Simply pull the straps quickly and the paddle blade is released. These are kayak rescue straps that not only fit most kayak models, but also include the complete mounting hardware you will need.
  3. Self Rescue Strap Kit. This kayak self rescue strap kit with rescue straps is just the thing you need if you want to ensure that you will be able to extricate your paddles while on the water. These kayak rescue straps are made of nylon and should be mounted on the deck of your kayak, which is at the rear of the cockpit. Just slide your paddle under the kayak rescue straps so the kayak can be stabilized for water re-entry.
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