Best Kayak Stern Float Bags

The best kayak stern float bags have one purpose and one purpose only: to keep you and your kayak afloat in the water at all times. Float bags increase your chances of survival when your kayak capsizes by keeping less water from coming into your kayak when you capsize.

  1. NRS Kayak Stern Float Bags. These float bags are guaranteed never to leak, so they may be the last you will ever need to look at buying! What prevents leaking on these bags is their ten-gauge urethane fabric. Using them is as easy as puckering your lips, blowing air into them and then putting them into your kayak and forgetting about them.
  2. NRS Kayak Stern Storage Float Bag. This kayak stern float bag is a special storage float bag, and what that means is it is a combination of a storage bag and a float bag all in one item. The outer bag comes with a nylon zipper and a fold-down opening that opens up to let you store gear for safe-keeping. The other part of this same bag can be filled with air for floatation purposes, courtesy of the inflation tube.
  3. NRS Small Standard Stern Float Bag. This kayak stern float bag by NRS is smaller in capacity and size than the other models in the NRS line. It is especially good for kayaks that were designed without a central pillar, and this stern float bag is outfitted so that it can fill the whole stern area of a kayak without a central pillar. It measures 31 inches by 22 inches.
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