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The best Kevin Kline movies cover a broad range of genres because Kline is such an accomplished actor. This talented actor has not only won an Academy Award, but has also won two Tony Awards, and been nominated for an Emmy and five Golden Globe Awards. The Shakespearean actor is at home doing comedy, drama, and musicals on stage and screen, as his many roles demonstrate.

  1. "A Fish Called Wanda." Topping the list of the best Kevin Kline movies is 1988's "A Fish Called Wanda." Kline is one of the few actors in history to win an Oscar for a comedic role. His performance as Otto, the gold fish eating diamond thief, won Kline the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
  2. "Dave." One of Kline's three dual role films comes in second on the list of the best Kevin Kline movies. Playing both President Bill Mitchell and stand-in Dave Kovic led to a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical.
  3. "Sophie's Choice." The next film on the list of best Kevin Kline movies was his first movie, "Sophie's Choice." Kline was already an accomplished stage actor when he decided to give Hollywood a try. His first time out of the gate, garnered the actor both a Golden Globe win and a BAFTA nomination for Best Newcomer.
  4. "In and Out." In the next best Kevin Kline movie, "In and Out," Kline played a teacher who was mistakenly outed at as gay man when a former student accepted his Oscar. The story was allegedly based on Tom Hank's speech for his "Philadelphia" Academy Award. Kline himself was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role.
  5. "The Big Chill." Kline switched gears after "Sophie's Choice" to make the next film on the list of best Kevin Kline movies, "The Big Chill." After the deeply dramatic role opposite Meryl Streep, Kline lightened things up playing Harold, the host to his college friends during a post-funeral reunion.



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