Best Knee Warmers For Cycling

If you are a cyclist living in a cold climate, you may need to know what are the best knee warmers for cycling. Biking is a fun and fulfilling hobby. To get the most out of your experience, you will want to be as comfortable as possible when riding your bike. If you tend to stiffen up while riding in cold weather, you might want to purchase some knee warmers that you can use while cycling.

  1. Pearl Izumi knee warmers. These knee warmers are easy to obtain and are famous for being very comfortable for riders. The fleece is soft and there is no seam which will rub into your skin while riding.
  2. Ibex knee warmers. The 100% pure merino wool knee warmers are some of the best on the market. They are extremely soft and have a long shelf life. Also, if you catch the company at the right time, you can get free shipping.
  3. Hincapie knee warmers. These knee warmers are shaped in two sections to directly fit the shape of the knee. They don't bunch up when you are cycling and are comfortable and warm.

No matter what style of knee warmers for cycling that you choose, remember that the main reason you are purchasing them is to stay warm. Make sure that your knee warmers are made of a material that your skin can tolerate and have seaming that will work for you. Knee warmers can be purchased at online retailers or at your local sports store or bike shop.

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