Best Krav Maga Books

The best Krav Maga books are easy to understand. They provide you with the ability to become a street fighting superhero who can immobilize any attacker without you having to squint your eyes and read the same instructions over and over again. The following Krav Maga books are some of the best. 

  1. "Krav Maga for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to the World's Easiest to Learn, Most-Effective Fitness and Fighting Program" by Darren Levine. Be ready to get in shape with this incredible two part Krav Maga book for beginners. Learn cardio circuits and strength training to prepare yourself for some serious street fighting training. In part two, you will learn basic punches and kicks along with everything else you need to know to stop an attacker. 
  2. "Krav Maga: An Essential Guide to the Renowned Method" by David Kahn. Your body has a lot of vulnerable spots. Learn how to protect all of them regardless of your size or fitness level. You'll be able to escape all kinds of holds and use your attacker's strength against him. The Krav Maga book is designed as a twelve week Krag Maga training program. 
  3. "Black Belt Krav Maga: Elite Techniques of the World's Most Powerful Combat System" by Darren Levine and Ryan Hoover. The goal of this Krav Maga book is simple: To train you to disable an attacker as quickly as possible. You'll learn lots of hand to hand combat techniques, including how to protect your friends and how to use weapons. 
  4. "Krav Maga: How to Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault" by Imi Sde-Or and Eyal Yanilov. You want your training straight from the founder of Krav Maga? This is your book. Imi Sde-Or developed this street fighting system for the Israeli military. This amazing book is written by him and one of his senior students. There is a major focus on foiling weapon attacks. "Krav Maga" is filled with 450 diagrams for the visual learner. 
  5. "Advanced Krav Maga: The Next Level of Fitness and Self-Defense" by David Kahn. David Kahn wrote one of the Krav Maga books mentioned above. "Advanced Krav Maga" is the essential sequel for the serious Krav Maga student. You'll learn advanced self defense techniques from advanced belt level classes. Women will also enjoy the chapter about the principles of women's self defense. The clear instructions for some very advanced techniques makes this one of the best Krav Maga books on the market. 
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