Best Lance Armstrong Tour De France Win Moments

Legendary bicyclists have been making history with epic wins, and these are the best Lance Armstrong Tour De France win moments. When Lance Armstrong began cycling as his career, he had a reputation for being a sluggish racer who had little control over his aggression, he hadn't earned the respect that a serious cyclist had.

  1. 1993 is when the year that Lance Armstrong became better known as a serious racer at the Tour De France. At the age of 21 he became the youngest person to ever win the 114 mile stage at the Tour De France. After, on lookers began to look at Lance Armstrong with more respect, this is when his fan base started to grow.
  2. In 1999, two years after being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Lance Armstrong raced in the Tour De France. Beforehand he trained at the Le Puy du Fou and beat Miguel Indurain's time-trial record, by ten seconds. When he raced the Tour De France he wore the the leader’s yellow jersey also know as the maillot jaune. This was the first time in his career he had this honor.
  3.  One of Armstrong's oddest,interesting and best win Tour De France moments happened in 2003. When racer Joseba Beloki crashed in front of Armstrong, Armstrong quickly went around him onto the grass to avoid crashing into him. This moment would define Armstrong and would go down in in the Tour De France's history as an interesting move and a show of talent with bike handling.
  4. On July 24, 2005 Lance Armstrong raced during a wet afternoon in Paris. He received a police escort during this race because of a death threat. Even so, he went on to win his seventh straight win. During this race, Armstrong seemed to be toying with his opponents, giving them "The Look".
  5. In 1999, Armstrong flew through the individual time trail to get back the maillot jaune that he had lost to Jaan Kirsipuu earlier in the race. As he entered stage nine at Sestriere many of his opponents began to taunt and attack him during the stage. With only eight kilometers to go and being 32 seconds behind the lead Armstrong began to quickly gain the lead and eventually won with the stage with a six minute lead.
  6. During the 1995 race, fellow racer Fabio Casartelli fell and fractured his skull and neck, he later died. Armstrong won stage eighteen in honor of him, because he knew that it was one of Casartelli's goals to win stage eighteen. He crossed the finish line 55 seconds ahead.  
  7. In stage fifteen in the 2003 Tour De France Lance had one of the most dramatic accidents of his racing career. While racing, with only ten kilometers to go, Lance's handle bar caught a bag of a fan watching on the sidelines. He crashed into racer Iban Mayo. Afterwords, they quickly got up and continued to race. Armstrong almost crashed again when he couldn't secure his foot in the pedal.
  8.  In 2000 a six year rivalry between Armstrong and Jan Ullrich was ended. Armstrong beat Ullrich with six minutes and two seconds between them in stage one. Later Armstrong would place over Ullrich by an amazing six minutes 44 seconds.  
  9. In 2004 Armstrong would finish first in the Tour De France. He finished six minutes and nineteen seconds ahead of the other racers. Armstrong also won his personal best five individual stages, including the team time trial. He was very proud of this. He was the first person to do this since Gino Bartali in 1948.
  10. In 2005 David Zabriskie beat Armstrong during stage one by two seconds. Though Armstrong did win the final individual time trial. He also won his seventh Tour De France win. After that he announced his retirement from racing at the Tour De France.

Lance Armstrong's best Tour De France win moments are some of the most interesting and exciting events to ever happen at the Tour De France. Not only did Lance set records, but he also changed the way the world viewed him. No longer was he viewed as a wild young man. The Tour De France now accepted Armstrong and will continue to. 


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