Best Lead Climbing Gear

Rock climbing can be a relatively safe sport as long as you get the right gear; learn about the best lead climbing gear at Mademan. When lead climbing, instead of attaching your rope to the top, you are attaching it to the rock at various points in your climb. Lead climbing is usually done when you want to access a more difficult route that can't be completed using top-roping.

  1. Black Diamond Quicksilver Quickdraw Set. These quickdraw sets are especially helpful for beginning lead climbers. The Black Diamond Quicksilver prevents you from making common (but potentially dangerous) errors- like back-clipping and z-clipping. The Rubber Straightjacket insert keeps the bent gate carabiner in its place for easy clipping.T he Dynex runner is also very durable and the quickdraw set is 100 percent weather-proof. This Quickdraw set comes with six Quicksilver Quickdraws.
  2. Mammut Revelation 9.2mm Rope. Your rope is one of the most important pieces of gear to consider when lead climbing. It is of utmost importance to not get your ropes tangled into other pieces of equipment. The Mammut rope makes this easier with the because it is all one rope. The Mammut Revelation is a 9.2mm single rope. This is the best climbing rope climbers who want to cut weight without cutting safety. The Revelation is the perfect piece of lead climbing gear for any type of climb. The special "Superdry" coating keeps it water-resistant. 
  3. Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness. This piece of climbing gear is perfect for lead climbing. The belay loop on this climbing harness makes it easy to tie a second rope, especially on long routes. The leg loops are adjustable and will provide comfort whether you are wearing your harness over snowboarding gear on an alpine climb or at the rock gym in shorts. The gear loops are also compatible with quick draws and any other equipment you will use for lead climbing. 
  4. Petzl Grigri Belay Device. A Belay/Repel device is very important in lead climbing. This Petzl Belay Device is easy to use for beginners. It is easy to open and helpful for the person projecting the route. Note: This piece of lead climbing gear is not compatible with all climbing ropes. 
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